Hello everyone! Hope you’re all doing great. So, I just wanted to tell you a little bit about myself and why I started blogging.

I’m a teenager who’s very passionate about writing poetry, robotics, music and programming. I absolutely love being part of a large online community and experiencing cultural diversity because I find it very fascinating. I write about my experiences in the poetry section of my blog a lot because I think it’s how I can convey my feelings best. For years I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety and I wanted to use my blog as not only a means to convey my feelings to the world but to be able to reach out to people and make them realize that as hard as life can get, they should never feel like they’re alone. Nobody should ever have to feel that way.

I don’t blog to get followers and likes because that’s really not what I’m concerned about. I write because I want to convey what I’m feeling in a unique way and also because I want my words to make a difference in the world.

I believe that everyone has something special to offer and our experiences shape our personalities in miraculous ways. I think everyone should have a strong sense of identity and individualism and believe in their own abilities because they have something to offer that’s worth while.

I also strongly believe in perseverance and having a growth mindset. I think failure is an integral part of my life and without it, I probably wouldn’t have been successful. I feel like my failure in various aspects of my life is what’s driven me forward and sort of pushed me to keep going in times of hardship. Because of my low self-esteem, I started to doubt my capabilities and think I wasn’t good enough for the things I loved but with the everlasting support of the most amazing friends, relatives and the WordPress community, I was proven otherwise. I felt like I could take any challenge head on and I was no longer afraid to fail, because I knew that I would learn something from my failure and that it would only guarantee my long-term success.

I try to be myself more often. Initially, I thought I had to mould my personality to fit people’s expectations of me when really I only had expectations of my ownself as a person. From then onwards, I didn’t have to change myself for anyone and I could be myself. Many judged me and regarded me with distaste but the people who came to care about me later accepted me for who I was and again, because of their support, I am who I am today and I could never be more grateful for having them in my life. Thank you all for your support and I’m really grateful to be a part of this warm and welcoming community where I can openly and honestly share my thoughts and feelings! No edits, no drafts and no re-reads!